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Dylan and Carter are 3!!

March 8, 2018

Sarah and Derek brought their 3 year old twins to the studio for birthday photos.  The boys are fraternal twins born on St. Patrick's Day.  They love the usual boy things like trucks, trains, boats and swimming (sounds like typical boys!). These two also love each other and really stick together. Mom said that when Carter is in a time out, Dylan will go sit with him to keep him company.  Carter returns the favor by tucking Dylan in at night and giving him a "night night" kiss. We saw this affection in full display at our session.  When the boys finished their photos, they ran over and hugged Jen & Ang.  It melted our hearts!  

We did Dylan and Carter's 18 month photos at George George Park and two year birthday photos at the studio.  Mom reminded us of the toddler tears at those sessions and we had a good laugh. Jen and Ang are moms and they understand plus have an immense amount of patience.  At the 3 year session, we all cheered when we got some nice family shots of ALL 4 of them!  Mom was really surprised at how well the boys did with sitting and smiling this time around. She likes how Jen and Ang keep the kids engaged while taking the photos.  

Thanks for choosing us to capture these special moments with the boys.  They are growing up quick and the photographs captured will soon be treasured memories. 

If you are ready to have family photos taken, call us today at 586-646-8189 to schedule your appointment.  As always, you are welcome to visit our online scheduler to make you appointment from the ease of your own home.  

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