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Luna Newborn

January 29, 2018

Luna is the sweetest little cherub who weighed 7lbs 12oz when she was born.  We were lucky to photograph her a week later when her parents, Bernard and Lulu, brought her in for a newborn photography shoot in early December.  Luna's grandma was in town and came to the studio as well.  Normally, there is a lot of love in the room when there is a newborn present however there was more than usual having grandma with us too.  One of our favorite parts of the session was seeing the pride and joy on their faces as they watched Luna's photo shoot.   

It is best to photograph newborns when they are tired so that they are easily maneuvered into position however we did not have to worry about this with Luna.  She did whatever was needed of her and slept through all of it!  We actually had the opportunity to try some new backdrops and sets that we typically haven't utilized because Luna did so well.  A few of these new sets incorporated props that Bernard and Lulu brought in.  They are both Filipino and brought along Philippine themed props so that they could honor Luna's roots.  It was really sweet to see and very easy for us to incorporate into her photos.  Another set was themed U of M thanks to Dad who brought along his own prop.  We are sure that Dad's subtle influence at such a tender age will go far with Luna and he will have a Michigan grad on his hands one day.    

Bernard and Lulu were really happy with the session.  We asked what Lulu's favorite part was and she responded, "It was how all of you handled and prepared our baby Luna for each set-up, specially making sure that she was warm in between shots :) As a first time mom, I appreciate that.. a lot! Making sure that my baby is well taken care of.  I didn't know what to expect but you welcomed us warmly." 

Lulu is already looking to book Luna's 1st birthday photo shoot.  We certainly hope that she does!  Seeing our clients as they and their families grow is one of the perks of being a family photographer.  We love to be a part of the special moments in your lives.

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